EX035 Woolen Shoes

Woerden Enterprise Pvt Ltd. is a Pakistani registered  social enterprise in local manufacturing, (international)trade, social projects, and environmental solutions. We focus on minorities in Pakistan to uplift their economic situation.

Due to contacts in the Netherlands (EU) we were asked to make an economic woolen felt shoe as a competitor to the expensive woolen felt shoes in this niche market. We did research and developed our own production process in Pakistan. Samples were sent and approved and the next step should be taken. Our price was interesting and competitive. But the EU customers are too busy with fashion shoes now that the project is on hold.

1. Potential for Private Sector Investment:

Woolen shoes are word wide an interesting market. The best quality is handmade felt shoes.

These shoes are 100% eco-friendly; sheep wool and leather are residual products. We invested 6 months of research in how to produce the best/economic woolen felt shoes. We now have samples. Material is from Pakistan and cheap, labor is local and cheap, we think we can produce very competitive. We give 40-50 local people/women mainly unskilled jobs for honest wages.
Woerden-Sales will also invest along with PSI.

2. Innovation:

The woolen felt shoe is developed ourselves, it is a new product for Pakistan and can be exported the worldwide

3. Inclusion of women and youth:

The nature of our business is only dependent on females as they do the felting process better, and for the marketing, we prefer to hire young graduate girls for international marketing after specific training. Young men try more jobs and then after training them they go many times, women are more stable.