Our Mission

“ Clean the environment – make green electricity”. In this letter, I want to take the opportunity to introduce myself, share with you the reason I wanted to start a Biogas plant in Lahore. My name is Gerard Woerdenbag (born 1963), I am married to Ans and we live in Enschede, The Netherlands. Since my Bachelor in Technique, I have worked for a technical trading company and since 2004 I run my own company; Woerden-Sales We have metal parts and tools for the truck / trailers / transport industry produced in India and China (maybe also Pakistan in the future). Woerden-Sales export these parts and tools most to West European countries (and Africa, USA) Woerden Enterprise would like to start a Biogas plant near Lahore because we see an interesting business case. The Lahore Waste Management Company has > 80.000T waste of food and vegetable markets. Animal manure is not processed in a responsible way. Around Lahore, there is > 70.000T of buffalo/cow manure. These above-mentioned waste, together with sewage sludge/water we can produce perfect Biogas. Biogas we can upgrade to CNG  (Methane gas) which can be used by the Lahore Transport Company. This will give a very positive effect on the environment because LWMC does not have to dump on landfill sites, next to that, it will lower costs for the Lahore Transport Company and reduces air pollution. The idea is to buy as much as possible local and import all necessary special techniques. If we feel that we are welcome in Pakistan, we will start a Pakistan company; “Biogas Pakistan”.  We expect to receive the input (straw-dump-waste-sludge) for free, low cost, or against payment to us.

Interesting Business Case:

With an input of 80.000T, we can produce;
  1.   2100 Mwh electricity a year for own use
  2.   2400 Mwh heat a year for own use
  3.   3.000.000m3 biogas, which can be upgraded to 1.700.000m3 (97% methane gas, CH4), equals 1.440.000kg.
Investment in Pakistan $ 1.500.000 and import of $ 1.900.000, train in EU Pakistan employees and employ local people.